2018-04-10 09:40

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip is expected to face another motion of no confidence, brought by the EFF, after the last special council meeting descended into chaos before the motion came up for debate.

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip


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Nelson Mandela Bay council reconvenes to hear motion to remove Trollip 

The Nelson Mandela Bay special council meeting that was supposed to hear a motion of no confidence in Mayor Athol Trollip will resume on Tuesday morning at 10:00.

Trollip, who was recently re-elected as the Democratic Alliance’s federal chairperson, was confident going into the meeting. 

The coalition government has had a minority of 59 seats in the 120-seat council since a fallout with the United Democratic Movement.

However, they recently secured the Patriotic Alliance as a coalition partner, taking them back up to 60, and the African Independent Congress have also declared their support to the coalition, giving them a potential majority vote of 61.


DA might turn on Athol Trollip 

Nelson Mandela Bay metro Mayor Athol Trollip survived a motion of no confidence this week, when council proceedings collapsed in chaos. But he may in be for a major surprise when the council reconvenes in 14 days to debate and vote on the motion. His DA councillors might turn against him.

City Press has learnt from some DA councillors that unhappiness with Trollip’s deal with minority party Patriotic Alliance (PA) might lead to their voting against him.

As a trade-off to help keep Trollip in his position, the PA has been offered a spot as member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for roads and transport and may be offered the deputy mayor position as well.

DA councillor Rano Kayser, currently MMC in the roads and transport portfolio, would be sacrificed to make way for the PA’s Marlon Daniels, according to an agreement both parties signed on Wednesday.


Motion against Trollip postponed for two weeks 

The special council meeting that was supposed to hear motions against Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip, council speaker Jonathan Lawack and chief whip Werner Senekal has been postponed for two weeks.

This follows more than eight hours of bickering, disorderly conduct and chaos that led to several adjournments.

The chaos started almost immediately after the special council meeting started because opposition councillors were not happy with the order of items on the agenda.

The opposition, led by EFF councillor Zilindile Vena, asked for a 20-minute caucus to discuss the issue and the matter was debated for almost an hour.

It ultimately caused the ANC and EFF to walk out, which led to Lawack granting an adjournment so that the parties could caucus.

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