OPINION: We must stop the spy claims 

(By Mondli Makhanya) 

In 1991, a year after the unbanning of liberation movements, a bombshell hit the front pages: fiery youth leader Peter Mokaba had been investigated by the exiled ANC in the 1980s for being an apartheid agent.

The story sent shock waves through the ANC and society at large. Mokaba had been one of the bravest and most popular United Democratic Front leaders during the 1980s uprisings. He had been harassed, detained and threatened with death. When the ANC returned from exile, his popularity ranked right up there with the exiled leadership about whom songs had been sung. He was spoken of as a future president of the ANC and the country.

The story, which was sourced from within the ANC, was officially condemned and pooh-poohed by the party. After the April 1994 elections, Mokaba became an MP and President Nelson Mandela made him a deputy minister. 

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