‘Lame duck’ De Lille ‘can sit in the office and drink tea’, says Cape Town deputy mayor 

Patricia de Lille will be a “lame duck” mayor, with the DA caucus calling the shots in the city, Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said after an interim court order effectively restored her to her post on Tuesday.

“She can sit in the office and drink tea, and drive around in CA1 but, you know, she’s just not going to be able to do anything other than ask for oversight, because, you know, the DA caucus is essentially going to call the shots,” said Neilson.

Straight after the interim order was granted, De Lille, dressed in a blue suit, left the Western Cape High Court building and walked up Keerom Street, saying she was going for a meeting with her legal team, and then on to work.

Neilson was appointed acting mayor last week after the DA kicked De Lille out of the party and the council notified the Electoral Commission of a vacancy in the council. 

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