Cape Town has welcomed the arrival of four of its littlest new residents – who made an appearance when their mother delivered the quadruplets at Tygerberg Hospital, the facility said on Sunday.

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Two boys and two girls, each with their own paediatrician in the theatre, were delivered on Friday to a 22-year-old first-time mother from Khayelitsha, said the hospital’s spokeswoman Laticia Piennar in a statement.

“The mother and her ‘quads’ are in [a] very good condition and are doing extremely well.”

“A caesarean section (c-section) was performed at 29 weeks gestational age – a decision taken in the best interest of the mother and the unborn children,” explained Pienaar.

First-time mom delivers healthy quadruplets at Tygerberg hospital (Supplied)


An anaesthetist, midwife, and obstetrics and gynecological specialist were also part of the team.

“Spontaneous quadruplet pregnancies are exceptional with a reported incidence of one in 512 000 to one in 677 000 births.”

“We are extremely proud of our maternal team at Tygerberg Hospital who ensured that this exceptional case is cared for in the most professional manner,” concluded Pienaar.

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