Zimbabwe game rangers have shot dead the crocodile that
attacked and mauled a former national tennis player just days before her
, state media is reporting.

“We have since managed to track and kill the crocodile
because since it tasted human blood it was bound to be a problem,” Tinashe
Farawo, spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority told
the Sunday News.

The crocodile attacked Zanele Ndlovu five days before her
wedding to UK national Jamie Fox as they were paddling an inflatable boat with
other tourists on the Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls.

No fear of danger 

The crocodile punctured their boat and then gripped Ndlovu’s
arm and repeatedly tried to drag her under the water. She was eventually
rescued by her fiancée and their canoe guides, but her right arm was so badly
mauled it had to be amputated above the elbow.

Ndlovu told the Sunday News that on the day of the attack
she and her fiancée had felt relaxed and in no fear of imminent danger.

“We had no fears at all but they (the guides) did mention
that we would see a couple of crocodiles but they didn’t warn us that they
could attack us, so we were quite relaxed, we were not expecting anything like
that to happen,” she told the paper.

Ndlovu’s courage to go ahead with her wedding while still
wrapped in bandages just days after the attack made headlines worldwide.

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